About Our Club


Ringside gallery at one of our conformation shows.

We are an organization of breeders, owners, exhibitors, trainers, and fanciers of English Setters.

We are dedicated to the protection of our beloved breed through encouraging sound breeding practices, responsible ownership, having fun with our dogs, public education, and, when necessary, rescue.

We are also dedicated to the whole English Setter, including breeding for structure and type to conform to the ESAA breed standard; developing brains through work in agility, obedience, and rally; developing hunting instincts and skill through hunting activities; providing a high quality of life for our dogs through loving care and fun activities; and safeguarding the genetic and overall health of our dogs and our breed.


Hunting – what English Setters were born and bred for and what they love most

Our members come mostly from Arizona, but we also have members from Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, California, Texas, and Illinois. We are ready to welcome anyone who wishes to join us in active stewardship of our breed.

Obedience (and rally) help develop a Setter's brain power and teach them good manners

Obedience (and rally) help develop a Setter’s brain power and teach them good manners

We hold an independent specialty in Scottsdale AZ in the spring, and sometimes other events in conjunction with our specialty. At times we also offer hunt tests, obedience trials, rally trials, and educational opportunities for breeders, owners, and fanciers. We are very proud of the fact that we hosted the 2012 English Setter National Specialty in Albuquerque NM.

2015 Officers
President, Patti Van Riper, contact president
Vice President, Mary Ellen O’Brien, contact vp
Secretary, Sally Mapes, contact secretary
Treasurer, Lanore Matter, contact treasurer

Board of Directors, Janice Day,  Jill Warren, Gina Callozzo (past President)



Agility is one of the activities owners can do to have lots of fun with their English Setter, build team work, and keep their dogs (and themselves) physically and mentally fit.

Video of an English Setter agility run: IMG_0231